1. What is TWGHs NFT Marketplace?

TWGHs NFT Marketplace is a digital platform for charity sale and bidding of NFTs. Your purchase will be donated fully with no deduction for management costs to support the various services provided by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

Wallet and Payment

4. What is ON1ON Wallet?

ON1ON Wallet is the exclusive digital wallet provider to TWGHs NFT Marketplace. Each user will automatically get an ON1ON Wallet account when registering with the marketplace. ON1ON Wallet allows you to pay with Ethereum (ETH) and manage NFTs after you have purchased them.

Open auction

11. How to bid an NFT from auction?

Every auction has its start time and end time, you can only place a bid after the start time and the auction will be closed when the end time is reached. You can only successfully place a bid when you have enough funds (e.g. Ethereum ETH) deposited into your ON1ON Wallet.

You can locate available NFT from:

[Menu] -> [Drops] -> [End soon]